Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Asking For a Friend...Best Family Friendly Place on a Friday Night

Deep-rooted in Sunday home dinner traditions and four or more kids discounts, St. Louis is a very family-friendly city.  It would take more than your mother dropping you off at work to induce embarrassment by relatives, because most here are used to a good old-fashion carpool system.  That's not to say though you do not cringe just a little at the thought of running into betrothed acquaintances while out to dinner on a Friday night with your parents, sans anyone romantically attached to you.  So where is a safe place here that you can enjoy the conversaton of your slightly older hospitality expense trustees, while feeling validated enough to run into your eligible grade school crush?  Well your local fish fry, of course.  The fish fry is a magical phenomena where you can get a three or four course meal for under $10 with [adult] drinks tacked on at just round $3/pour.  Moreover, the networking pool they bring in you won't be able to find anywhere else, including those with inflated membership dues.  Where else might you find someone who can connect you to a potential dream employer one minute, and the next table over a guy is able to nominate you as block captain?  Fish fries are the place you should be when all else fails, and in many cases where you should go before you just fail to do anything in general.  Oh, and no need to worry about the whole "religion" thing.  These are run by the same people who collect money in the middle of church service.  All money is good money.  Especially when it's your parents'.

{Image Credit: Aspiring Kennedy}

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