Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Day the Right Way

For as long as I've been alive, and years before that (because I'm not that old) it has snowed every winter in St. Louis.  It never ceases to amaze me that with time's passing no one in this city has learned to appropriately deal with this force of nature.  The streets and traffic are always a war zone, grocery stores look like we're preparing for a nuclear meltdown, and people wear Ugg boots in place of duck boots.  Of course I'm not one to talk.  While dealing with some brutal Chicago winters, including one mean February blizzard spent in Uptown, some basic St. Louis Snow Day 101s seemed to have slipped my mind.  On the warmer side of the house though I did seem to find myself in the hands of sound strategic planning.  Here are the good, the bad and the ugly of my Snowpacolypse 2014...

The Good: 
Keen on the idea of doing some post-holiday home organization, I finally got around to setting up my Wii and signing up for Amazon Prime to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Instant.  All of this hard work surmounted to me getting one step closer to crossing off one of my New Year's resolutions: watching the entire existing Downton Abbey series.

The Bad:
I find myself worrying about Matthew Crawley's welfare while away at War in the midst of brushing my teeth.

The Good: 
Concerned about the well-being of my five month old VW, I finally utilized my garage and tucked my cute little Passat away.

The Bad:
I have a driveway.  Like, a long one.  In the City, which is extremely rare.  It's mostly rare I assume because City streets do not get plowed, or at least plowed well.  So essentially what I'm saying is this makes for one very lengthy plateau of snow to shovel.  

The Good:
Knowing that a storm was a'coming, I made a list of shopping errands to get all day Saturday so as to be prepared.

The Bad:
I prioritized The Galleria ahead of Target and any other place that may have sold a snow shovel...hours earlier.  

The Good:
Fresh off hosting a Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve pre-gathering, I was stocked with the proper entertaining essentials.

The Bad:
Entertaining for one is gluttonous.

And then The Ugly:
While briefly letting my dog take a step out (and by step I mean just the one down from the porch) I somehow managed to lock myself out of my house.  Thanks to the great fortune of close (in proximity and relation) relatives I was able to run the two blocks down to my Aunt and Uncle's for my spare key in just barely enough clothing to keep myself and Rosie from catching hypothermia.  

The Very Ugly:
My nails have been forced into nudity thanks to all of winter's harshnesses.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could all use a pop of color in our lives after this.

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