Thursday, December 19, 2013

In the Spirit Of

Tuesday evening I was the unsuspecting recipient of a random act of kindness.  It happened in the express register at Whole Foods in Brentwood.  A man in front of me paid in cash for his groceries.  Well, I assume as much.  I was too busy gabbing to my cousin and wasn't paying much attention, as I often don't while in regiter lines.  While my two little boxes of gluten free lasagna noodles totaled up though, the clerk let me know the guy in front of me wanted his $4 change to be used towards my purchase.  It's not often that $4 can get you a long way at Whole Foods, but in the case of this visit it did for me.

As we left my cousin asked what you're supposed to do when that happens.  Give that money then to someone else?  Does it have to happen the same way?  I said that I think you're just supposed to appreciate it and find the right time and place to return the favor to someone else, be it bigger or smaller.  

One way I would like to pass on the favor is to let people know of a great local band here in St. Louis, the 442s.  It just so happens that my cousin Brooke was the one who introduced them to me just a few weeks ago, and then again invited me to one of their performances Monday.  I don't know much about music, which is why I don't often write about it.  I feel a little silly doing so seeing how many people are a great more knowledgeable about the subject.  If I were to take a stab at it though, the individual sounds of each member in the band is so passionately finessed that as a group effort, it really takes you to the stories behind the composition.  Even better yet, it will entangle some of your own stories with them.  

Right now The 442s are in the midst of recording their first album at a state of the art studio.  If you ever hear them live you will know how important this is to their music.  Of course funding is crucial to the success of the project.  So in the spirit of kindness, I ask that at the very least you give their songs a listen.  If you do enjoy them, it would be so very kind to purchase their first few tracks for just $5.  It's not very much, but it can cover just enough.

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