Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yesterday I woke up in typical Monday morning spirit: melancholia.  Slightly fuzzed from the weekend with a hint of ambition for a productive week.  No trace of yearning for a puppy though.  Well, at least no different from any other day.  Yet just a couple hours later I found her.  Rosie.  She came into my office, ready to be adopted, and I just felt that pang.  The one that tries with all its might to let you know to jump at the opportunity without too much hesitation.  I questioned it logistically, of course.     Ultimately though I knew that I could take to the call of motherly duties.  So she has a home now, and I have a pup.  Life will change a lot for me, and possibly some for her as well.  Hopefully we'll be exactly what the other needs though.

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