Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let October Start

Enjoy regular season football.  [The post-season will come soon enough and then it's over.]

Pick up a small of stack of brand new books.

Visit a real pumpkin patch.  Sip a cider while you're there.

Visit your alma mater and tailgate.

Throw a chili fest.

Visit a costume store.

Buy one great new outfit for the season that you won't gripe about if it's in pictures.

Make that DIY you always wanted to while you can still catch some crisp air to dry it out.

Try not to use any filters on your Instagrams.  Coloring should come naturally.

Head to the wineries.

Make an afternoon of it in a neighborhood other than your own.

Get to know a local brewery.

Make sure you have at least one candy dish filled with candy corn.  Even if you don't like it, some guest will.

Attempt to rake at least one pile of leaves.

Host your workouts at the park.

Keep some John Mayer on hand in your car.  The old school kind.

Introduce friends to other friends.

Keep calm and watch Cardinals post-season baseball.

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