Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Habits

If for nothing else, the great thing about having Type A personality is that routine and habits come easily.  I'm nothing if not planned and structured, down to my weekly manicures.  This past week marked the end of roughly two months worth of, what I like to call, "transitional housing."  That is moving back from a major metropolitan area [Chicago] to...well, home [St. Louis], while revamping (isn't that a nice word?) the home I leased out while gone and living at my parents' suburban home some 30+ minutes away.  From that compact sentence alone, surely you can see that maintaining habits was just not part of the equation.  It wasn't the previous three years either while I was living completely and utterly on-the-go in Chicago.

It's not that I was completely without habits.  They just mostly came in the form of work.  Everything beyond that was "you know, it's a nice day for a walk.  Maybe I'll go to the lakeshore."  Then maybe I would.  Or maybe I would take up plans for dinner.

A few years later though I am back in my "revamped" house.  All bags and boxes are unpacked.  My life's agenda is at a normal pace.  Things are settled.  As much as they will ever be in my world, at least.  As it is then I have habits to spare.  They're starting to spring up already too.  Things like: nightly walks/workouts, reading books (sometimes one I even loan out from the library!), preparing a dinner from the kitchen, and, oh, blogging!

I started this particular blog, Tracing Suzanne, back in college as a sort of sounding board for my various interests and ideas.  Which is why I wanted to resurrect it.  I have a lot of those nifty little things, most to all of which have been floating around in space (my brain) for the past three or so years.  They should have a place to go, but one that is meaningful and at least partially focused.  SO. City will attempt with all of its might to be a place not about making a house into a home (though I am sure I'll have things to say about that), but a daily life into one.

If you'll excuse me then, I'm off to clarify for you what that sentence means...

*Yes, this is under construction.

{Image via La Dolce Vita}

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