Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Days

On Monday the pressure was on to decide on a resolution for May.  I had tossed a couple ideas around the previous week, but wasn't necessarily committed to any one.  On my walk home from work it occurred to me that I had been home all weekend, celebrating my good friend's engagement no less, and had not one photo to show for it.  I was leaning in favor of a picture a day, but it seemed like a lofty commitment.  While reading through my blog roll that evening though I stumbled across this graphic.  That sealed it.  If I had a though, just something sweet and simple, I could find something to snap.  Just two days in and I've already been enjoying random stops, and have had complete disregard for looking like an annoying tourist.

Here's to lots of sights to enjoy come May 31st!

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