Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Moments

This month I took a break from trying to cram a goal into a fixed amount of days.  Instead I vowed that whenever life would get me down, I'd remind myself of all my joys.

You know what?  Often times that's hard.  It's not the tallying of all the pros and crossing off the cons. It's the remembering to remember.  It's much easier to keep looking at a black hole rather than averting the eyes.  

Like all the resolutions that have come before, I found this one to carry the same theme.  That once you start making something a habit, it will end up just as that.  

As far as all of those blessings that count?  Well, a very basic mathematical principle applies.  That of infinity.  If you have even just one blessing then you hold too many to count. 

If I were to have just one for each day though...
  1. Spring flowers of many colors
  2. Over the counter medicine
  3. Nights spent on the couch
  4. Healthy wakeup calls
  5. Basic recipes that make you feel like a bonafide cook
  6. Plane tickets
  7. Weekends spent with your mom
  8. Weekends spent with your grandparents
  9. Clear aisles at the grocery store
  10. Last minute freed up evenings
  11. Kicking bad habits
  12. Flexible work scheduling
  13. Personal days
  14. Watching great games up close and personal
  15. Sundays spent with family and friends
  16. Convenience stores 
  17. The television shows you wait all week for
  18. Free drinks
  19. 45 minutes to walk it off
  20. Friday nights spent at home
  21. That movie you've watched 103 times
  22. A brand new pair of shoes paid for with your hard earned money
  23. Last minute plans
  24. Last minute travel
  25. Afternoon sit-down lunches
  26. Game nights
  27. The people you can always call and count on
  28. Celebrating happy news for others
  29. Sunday brunch
  30. Forgetting your lunch, but having an even better one
"There's too many things I haven't done yet.  Too many sunsets I haven't seen."
--Sara Bareilles, Many the Miles

{Image Credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl}

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