Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Most Wonderful Night of the Year

Just the other day I was questioned over my love for the Oscars.  I found it preposterous.  What is not to love?  Celebrities, fashion, tradition, and cinematic genius all honored on one night.  The Oscars are the epitome of everything right in the world.  For anyone who does not agree with that statement, then you very well may not with my parting thoughts on this year's awards gala.

1.  No one else in the world is able to wear sleek and stark white except for Gwyneth Paltrow.  Or, those who think they can most likely, in reality, cannot.  Nevertheless, most of us are left to envy her ability to flawlessly wear Tom Ford's wonderful sartorial creations in the color.

2.  Angelina Jolie makes herself impossible to like.  I was starting to find it worthwhile to listen to her soapboxes after seeing her interviewed on Anderson Cooper.  Then she had to show up at this year's Oscars trying to grab any and every bit of attention she can get from the cameras.  Her gown was per typical of what we've seen from her on the red carpet.  Hence there's no reason to spotlight her fashion any more than the already greedy amount of airtime she took up at the show.

3.  Billy Crystal in the role he was born to play:  Oscar host.  Well, except when he was Harry Burns in "When Harry Met Sally," because that was also a brilliant performance.  Seriously though, the Academy and Billy should recognize a beautiful thing when they see it.  Please, Billy, please, don't ever put us at risk to watch Eddie Murphy host this thing.

4.  Will Tom Cruise ever age?  

5.  Colin Firth:  An Awards Show Emergency Exit Plan.  If anything were to ever go wrong during an awards show, having Colin Firth appear somewhere around the end of the telecast is a surefire way to end on a high note.  He is a true class act from his dry humor to his nerdy charm with a refined taste in tailoring.  If ever I had the chance...

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  1. "Angelina Jolie makes herself impossible to like." Couldn't possibly agree with you more.



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