Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chump Change

My favorite days are those when find I shiny copper treasure.  Or more commonly known as "lucky pennies."  Today I walked out the door thinking it was going to be a good one since I was able to pocket two at an early hour.  As the day progressed, hour by slow turning hour, I was beginning to wonder when the luck would kick in.  By all counts, today was not a stellar one.  It rained from sun up to sun down.  Worked drudged along.  My hair that started out in beautiful locks, blew out to an unrecognizable shape.  And I had to pitch my black opaque tights.  Looking back though, it's funny how much luck I did stumble upon.  Dinkel's was served at breakfast.  A friend I hadn't heard from in awhile passed along a fabulous Bloomingdale's discount.  A couple other friends who can always pick up a day dropped some "hellos."  A little known Stevie Wonder gem played at exactly the perfect time.  Cartier became the first to step out on Michigan Ave. with their classic Christmas decor.  And tonight's New Girl shared some very insightful advice.  So perhaps the day looks like it ended with a very poor mop-top hairdo.  That's okay though because I still ended the day two cents richer than the last.

{Image via Jayson Home}

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