Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This evening I was faced once again with the tough question: what bottle of wine should I pop tonight.  Another good day ended on a sour note.  Or so I thought.  After begrudgingly walking through the cold to my neighborhood FedEx/Kinkos I once again stumbled across a chance encounter as well as random kindness.  To my fanatical surprise the [very humbled] person in front packaging up an item in front of me was none other than the Chicago Bears DE, Julius Peppers, who happened to have a big game just two nights before.  Chicago's wonderful for little oohs and aahs like that.  What was more notable was the clerk who helped the two of us send our goods along their way.  When the big man left, she showed me the autograph she snagged for her mother, as she watches all the Chicago sports teams games.  This young lady went on to tell me that athletes come in all the time, but her mother never believes her because she doesn't take pictures or make them sign their autograph.  As she claimed though, that's the reason they all come back.  Because she doesn't treat anyone any differently.  People are all the same to her.  Sometimes you just have to remember that through their flaws and triumphs.  And for the times more suitable to forget?  Well there's always Shiraz.

*Post Script:  Mail is one of my favorite things, and I think even in this day in age, it remains on most peoples list as such.  Make someone's day and drop a line.

{Stationary found from Jess Constable}

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  1. I agree with you about the mail...makes us both appreciate Jenni Swenson all the more, no? Practically a lost art.... We MUST keep it going! :)



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