Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Save Your Wallet's Life

A few tips from a semi-pro:

1.  Pick a day to go to the grocery store.  Then go on that day every other week with a list of items needed.  Stick to the list.
2.  Decide on two items that are on the borderline of necessities and wants (i.e. I really want to replace my has-been worn-in black pumps).  Buy those items per paycheck of the month. 
3.  One out to lunch per week barring any special occasions.
4.  Free museum days in your city.
5.  Parks.
6.  Amazon used books and movies.
7.  Netflix Instant.
8.  Subscribe to all your favorite retailers email lists.  Yes, it will be painful at first.  But then that glorious day will come when you know about the SALE.
9.  Recyclable friendly products: water bottles, coffee mugs, cloth grocery bags.
10.  Punctuality.  It saves cab fares.

**These are just lovely guidelines to save room for the luxuries you want to keep in your life.  Remember, you are only young once.**

{Image Credit: via I Need Bigger Closet}

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