Sunday, March 27, 2011

Levels of Accomplishment

Some of mine-that have both been checked off and yet to be-would be:

1.  Believing
24.  Arranging my closet first by color, then by shape and style of garments
49.  Watching the Godfather trilogy in one day.  Except the third shouldn't count so just replace that one with Goodfellas.
61.  Watch the  SATC series...backwards.
82.  Read three Nancy Drew books in one weekend.
111.  Mod podge your paper scraps and momentos (what else are you doing with them?)
138.  Visit every Starbucks within a 13 mile radius
153.  Take a picture at the top and bottom of the tallest building in your city
172.  Accept

You can't start anything without #1, and when you get to #172 you'll be glad with who you are because of all the rest checked off on your list.  So what's your #2 thru #171?

{172 things 'to do' to increase your level of accomplishment can be purchased here}

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