Monday, October 18, 2010

Snip Snip

Fearless is not a word most would use to describe me.  I find myself gasping from breath just and clawing the walls when riding in a crowded elevator just to go one floor up.  If I thought it wouldn't be even more socially inappropriate than the other 98% behavioral patterns on the "L," I would wear a helmet everyday because sooner or later I'm going to get a concussion from knocking heads with someone or some door.  I just know it.  Yet when it comes to hair I'm a regular Annie Oakley, taking on the wild frontier.  No fears-just snipping.  Unlike most gals, I don't have an emotionally involved relationship with my hair.  I'm a hairdresser's fantasy:  thick, dark, full hair that I give complete consent to have their way with.  The haircutting experience to me is in a word: fun.  Imagine my excitement then when I stumbled across Barbara & Barbara in Logan Square.  Completely fun from top to bottom this was most definitely the best hair experience to date.  My cut kept true to length, but got some spunk added to it.  I enjoyed the aesthetics, the music, and of course my PBR that was complimentary with my cut.  Without fear, I am now loving my new 'do and ready to take it for a spin.  Maybe even on a crowded elevator.

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  1. Looks really the '50's and earlier they had those curler things hanging from the ceiling....although THAT at least was before my time! :)



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