Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work It. Can You Work It?

Oh, September.  The other thorn on my side.  To be fair, I suppose September is a rather charming month.  No heat or air necessary.  The colors are lovely.  The aroma refreshing.  And football is back.  Yet September does propose a rather daunting predicament.  What on earth do I wear?  With the weather on the downswing and then making some movements towards the upswing before coming back on the downswing things can be a bit...well, confusing.  This is a time in the year I like to call "wearing out my wardrobe."  My summer wardrobe that is.  It's always hard to pack away all my bright peppy colors, and light breezy fabrics for neutral wools and tweeds.  So I don't so until I absolutely must.  With a little help from our friends "scarves," "cardigans," and "button downs," there is no task to tough.

Clothing found at J. Crew & Gap

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