Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year, another Birthday.  My golden birthday year has come to an end, but it most certainly lived up to its expectations.  Of course, as in any duration of time, its highs brought along its lows.  Looking back at a year though, you will most likely find that it's actually the lows that bring the highs.  While I left so many dear friends at Mizzou, I returned to St. Louis and made a new home.  I traded in my textbooks and notebooks to learn some tricks of the trade.  Weddings were had, birthdays as well, and lots of just-for-funs were made.  Bills got paid, dollars saved, and that thing known as "life" became a little less scary.  Yes, it was a very good year.  Even after a truly satisfying 365 days though, I'm still that girl who bounces right back up.  No, the feet don't kick up.  And I always must ask "That was awesome!  What can I do next?" And I find what's left.

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