Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sucker Punched

Consider today a day of mourning.  It was announced some time this afternoon, that after being unable to reach a mutual agreement with the Argentina Football Association, Diego Maradona would no longer continue as the national coach.  Having just been converted into a soccer fan one month ago, due in large part to who many consider a god-like athlete, this news has come as a complete shock.  In an act of retaliation against AFA president, Julio Grondona, I will be participating in a boycott of all things Argentine.  How much of my life can possibly be affected by this one South American country?  Here' s just a glimpse of a few things Argentina will not be receiving R-E-S-P-E-C-T on.

1.  Buenos Aires and Copa America 2011
Buenos Aires was next on my travel hit list.  Conveniently it was to be the main host of the Copa America in Summer 2011, making a perfect reason to vacation there.  It's unfortunate that as of today the Greek Isles began to look even better.

2.  Empanadas
Always a fan of Hispanic gourmet delicacies, Argentina's prideful contribution to these menus will not be my order anytime soon.  Let me tell you, this is harder on me than it is on my lovehandles.

3.  Evita 
The showtune that is.  It's going to take more self-control than I may be prepared for not to belt out "Don't Cry for me Argentina!"

4.  Ponchos
I really felt they were going to be making a fashion comeback in the near future.  If they do, I shall be rescinding my support.

It should be noted that I will continue to wear both my double brass knuckles, and tri silver knuckles.  It's called paying homage.

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