Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Review-5.9.10

Even though the temperatures dropped, and the winds were a'blowing the weekend was still welcomed with open arms.  After all just a short month or so ago we were pulling out our flip flops doing the happy dance in honor of the same weather.  So on with the tanks and off with the cares...

  • Clayton is to "The Strip" as the Central West End is to "The Circuit."
  • Starting out The Circuit at Llywelyn's and moving a later date.
  • I'm not even going to state where I found myself at the end of the night.  Too obvious.  
  • It's Saturday morning!  Wake up and smell the roses!  Or some other beautiful flowers, while planting for Urban Roots in Downtown.
  • Nothing beats returning to the previous night's scene waiting for AAA to show up and unlock your friend's car.
  • Saturday luncheon standard fare:  El Paisano.
  • After catching up on my Bravo shows, I figured I could use some physical activity.  Thanks to Zeiter's motivation, my bike made its maiden voyage in south city.  It was a simply beautiful ride to Carondelet Park.
  • It was a day to be a good friend I realized, after finding myself at the same dining establishment as I did for lunch.  Talk about a confused and somewhat irritated (after my very meager order) staff.  You're welcome, Erin.
  • My Saturday night was cleared to watch the one and only Betty White on Saturday Night Live.
  • A full Mother's Day starting with a service for little Lincoln, and a full day with Peg.  By full I mean, numerous helpings of the egg casserole.  Oops.  

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