Thursday, March 4, 2010


It's a tough time, these first few weeks of March. Is it winter? The extended daylight wouldn't imply such. Could it be spring then? Not quite yet according to the calendar. What is it then? And how in the heck are you supposed to dress for it? Personally during the transitional phase between summer and fall, and winter and spring I try to "wear out" my seasonal wardrobes. This is not to say wear every thing down to fraying hemlines and pilling fabrics. It just means to wear the rest of your clothing items out that have not gotten a chance to make see the light of day or live up to their full potential. What I had never considered though is the possibility of combining different seasonal wear together. After all spring and fall are both combinations of winter and summer. Inspired by Joanna Goddard's blog post (credit to the eating lemons blogroll for the blog find) about the spring scarf, I had a thought.

Can spring scarves be paired with more than just outerwear? What about dresses and sweaters? I've never attempted such a feat, but maybe...just maybe it's the perfect resolution for such climate-induced strains. Tonight I visit Columbia, MO for my sister Lauren's 21st Birthday. While the town is no fashion mecca, not having any familiar faces residing there any longer, it may serve as the perfect location for such a novel idea.

Stay tuned.

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