Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's In a Name

I suppose it wouldn't be completely untrue if someone were to say I sometimes make pre-conceived judgments about others. Often times it's just flat out hard not to though. Take for instance such people as "Snooki" and "The Situation" from MTV's Jersey Shore. I have never been formally introduced to the two of them. Yet it would be hard to convince me that either one of them have been properly educated in traditional English grammar or the risks of excessive artificial tanning and performance enhancement supplements.

The same situation usually applies to athletes for me. A devout sports fan since the age of five, I tend to have a love 'em or hate 'em philosophy right off the bat for many of the big name players. Just one man on the roster can determine if I'll be a loyal follower or public enemy number one for a team. Unfortunately for Colt McCoy of the Texas Longhorns it was a "hate 'em" scenario from the get-go. I'll be honest, it was mostly due in part to his name. However, once in awhile, my snap judgments can prove me wrong.

Thursday night's BCS Championship game of Alabama vs. Texas was a rare occasion of which I simply just watched the game. It made no difference in my mind who won or lost since both teams were from the South [an utterly confusing region of the country to me]. After the last 56 minutes ended though, and the confetti started blowing I wished I had rooted a little more for those Longhorns. After the game ABC's Lisa Salters interviewed McCoy. Few words were initially spoken by the Texas quarterback, but it is one one of the most profound and heartbreaking interviews I've ever seen an athlete give. So maybe not every athlete who has an unlikable name or swagger is like a Tom Brady or Chipper Jones. As previously stated though, unfortunately it just takes one to ruin it for the rest of the bunch.

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