Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap-1.10.10

A little cold never hurt anybody, right? One might think and hope. On the contrary, it would actually take a fair amount of convincing to get most people out of the house in these temperatures. For three little young ladies in St. Louis that was just no remedy to cabin fever. Not every weekend has to entail 3 A.M. last calls, Aspirin scavenger hunts, and fast food drive thru. On second thought, the drive thru window is exactly what a weekend is for. However, it's funny how much more you can appreciate a couple of empty days when there's not as many pieces to put together.

Here are the highlights of my 1.8.10-1.10.10 weekend:

  • When it's this cold you do what you have to do to stay warm. You should still try and look good while doing it though. Which is exactly why my heirloom fur coat was a must.
  • Late night Happy Hour at J.P. Fields with two of Clayton's finest, Julie and Jules.
  • An 11:30 sober drive thru at the Maplewood White Castle complete with two cheeseburgers and cheese fries.
  • A quality Saturday afternoon gym workout sans a post-Friday evening headache.
  • Back out with Julie and Jules, with one fabulous addition of McCalla, to celebrate Bill's Birthday at The Dubliner.
  • Quickly fleeing the scene once Julie and I realized we are not exactly cat thieves. Gosh darn those potato skins looked too good not to make the attempt though.
  • The NFL playoffs is my second favorite holiday season. My early gift of a New England loss is one I couldn't be more thankful for.
  • The idea of 57 years of doing anything is a hard one for me to grasp. My many congratulations to Nani and Papa on marking their 57th Wedding Anniversary Sunday!

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