Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Eating All the Candy I Did...

As the story goes (and it's not much of a tale), tonight I was swamped with work. Just basically drenched in it, really. So to take out some of my so-called stress I indulged, a few times over, in all of my Valentine's Day candy. The Valentine's Day candy from my parents. [Just thought I would clarify so as to eliminate any possible discrepancies.] While I probably need to hit the sack, so as to still avoid my textbook, the copious amounts of sugar I enhaled is still kicking and I am unable to move to lie down in a comfortable position. While all of this hissy-fitting was going on in my head, my mind responded with the verse "for eating all the candy you did" to every complaint. Yes, that really did happen. The line is part of a song from the cartoon "Little Audrey" that I used to watch when I was a kid. The cartoon is from 1948, but it hasn't lost it's charm. At least not to me, and right now, what I just found was entitiled "The Tummy Ache Blues," has never rang more true. So do yourself a favor, and watch this short cartoon.

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