Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Asking for a Friend...The Best Hot Dog Cart in Town

One thing I have always wondered is why St. Louis cannot be more like New York. I don't mean in the towering skyscrapers and shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic sort of way. I mean in the hot dogs topped with relish next to hot roasted nuts with a scent you can smell for miles sort of way. Why in the world can there not be more food carts? God knows we love questionable fast food here as we are virtually the White Castle capital of the world. Might as well watch an eight inch Polish sausage get grilled in front of your eyes (and no that is not some foreign innuendo).

What St. Louis may currently lack in quantity though, we sure make up in quality. I present to you: Carlos' Hot Dog Stand.  A Downtown treasure, located daily on the corner of 6th St. & Olive St. you can't miss it. That's because the sounds of either Notorious B.I.G. or Phil Collins can be heard blaring from blocks away. Not only can you get a damn good hot dog, brat or the afore mentioned Polish sausage, you get a value meal. At $7 (or $8 if you go big for the Polish sausage - do it) you get your entree, a bag of chips of your choice, Twinkie and canned soda, again of your choice. It's a grease lover's delight. Best of all the smell matches the taste. Bar none the best street food I have found yet, and I lived in Chicago only a couple doors down from Mr. J's Dawgs.

Moral of the story is if you like good music, enjoy a smoldering brat on a hot summer's day (or cool winter's morn as he sets up shop all year long) and can't pass up a good deal, give Carlos a chance at lunch, or for a pre-game day meal. Don't worry about the Twinkie either. If you don't like it, don't take it, or hey, give it away as your pay it forward on the day.

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