Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pinterest Plights

Some may scoff when they hear "Pinterest" as a hobby. As someone who is claimed it as such for the past four years though, I can assure you it is no joke. The time and effort it takes in training your eyes to scour blogs for the best images of the internet is true dedication to the cause. Of course at some point one starts to feel like a digital hoarder of sorts with so many snapshots piled up and nothing to really show for it. So a little over a year ago I decided to start lending my keen eyes to my fidgety hands and get to making. Every week I have made a different recipe from my "Sips & Bites" board, and the results are...mixed. At least in terms of design and styling. In a sense I have validated my personal curation though, as I have found it is nearly impossible to replicate a raspberry and pistachio laden cheesecake. No filter on this iPhone run Earth can possibly make a baked egg and chorizo boat look anything other than a satellite image from a high school science text book. Alas, I have to assume if taste could be sensed through a screen that my creations would hold up and then some. Thanks to some wine induced over-measurements of salt and sugar. 

Here are a few recipes I've cooked up lately that are do-able in terms of coming out of the oven upright. Feel free to laugh when you click on the links of their Pinterest muses.

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