Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Does That Come in GF?

Yesterday marked Day One of my quest to be gluten free.  Mind you, this is a trial launch.  No, I am not doing this because it's "trendy."  I don't find anything chic about avoiding French baguettes.  This is   a guided decision to better isolate a couple of personal health concerns.

It is hard to avoid the fact that the gluten free lifestyle is becoming more prevalent though.  After all, during my GF grocery spree at Trader Joe's I wound up bonding with the cashier over my specialty purchases.    So one would then assume it should be a fairly easy road to become [almost] completely gluten free?  That is until later that evening when I discovered a table spread half covered in breads.  Restraint is obviously the name of this game.

Stay tuned then as I scour Martha Stewart for modified recipes, and come to breaking points when menus cater only those relapsing from an Atkins crash diet.  Any and all coping mechanisms, GF-friendly restaurant recommendations and cooking tips are welcome!

{Pictured above: Gluten free almond cupcakes via Coco + Kelley}

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