Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fancy Free Posting

It's happened a few times now.  Falling victim to the infinite world of the Internet.  Having so much knowledge, opinion, and otherwise can often make a very tiny blog feel extremely overwhelmed.  Ideas may not seem so brilliant any longer, and elements of style may not feel so trendy.  It's silly, of course.  Who's to say any of that is true no matter where or who you look to?

So it occurred to me this week, as I was missing having an outlet of some sort for my words that perhaps it doesn't have to all fit in perfect boxes.  Certain topics don't have to be saved for specific days, and an entity doesn't have to stand for a particular subject.  Maybe words, ideas, and otherwise are entitled to be just that sometimes.  Free to view and take or leave whenever necessary.

So if no one else minds, let me get back to what's on my mind...

{Image via The Sartorialist}

1 comment:

  1. Sounds good :) Rule #1...there are no rules :)



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