Monday, May 14, 2012

Who Loves Short Shorts?

Holy smokes!  It's going to be 80-degrees in Chicago tomorrow!  I walk to work and have a bad history with elements of heat, especially while in movement.  I know what you're thinking-walking is not strenuous activity.  Well it's not, unless you're booking the whole mile and a quarter because you wasted precious minutes prepping your hair for the humidity. 

Anyway, it is quickly becoming apparent that jeans and other long-legged clothing article may not cut it soon enough.  While denim cutoff short-shorts are probably not the most work appropriate article of clothing, especially with my stems, I'm loving the other trends this summer.  High waisted, a little more roomy, but not too Bermuda I can do!  Of course let's not forget, the more pocket room for hair-911 the better!

{Images: 1& 2: Refinery 29; 3: Miss Selfridge; 4: J. Crew}

1 comment:

  1. Those pictures of the short shorts are so cute! You'd look adorable in them!



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