Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Fresh, So Clean

Old bedding

Effects of consecutive weekends traveling

Desk with to-do projects

Filing system (picture an exaggeration)
Bathroom linen closet

New bedding from West Elm and Target

Desk and completed projects on wall

Bathroom linen closet

As January came to an end yesterday, a peace of mind was finally reached.  My home organization project reached its end and I can sincerely say that I feel more together.  A couple new art pieces added to the wall, storage compartments to contain some treasures (and documents from those where treasures are spent), and new bedding are just a few changes that were made.  Walking into my room today actually felt like I was walking into a space of my own.  Rather than a mess of my own.  I don't think there's any denying that when you surround yourself with things you love, then the same will surround you.  Which is the biggest thing you need to any start, or resolution.

Projects Included:
  1. Clothing donation of unwanted items
  2. Organizing of momentos, photos, stationary, crafts, and mucho important documents.  Organization tools bought at Bed Bath & Beyond
  3. New bedding (old donated) from West Elm & Target
  4. Organizing bathroom linen closet using old designer shopping bags
  5. Closet tidying and luggage storage

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