Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mahhhhhh....sagge

My February resolution of beauty and wellness was in large part due to my aching back.  I don't pay near enough solid attention to its twists, knots, and tensions.  Today it screamed at me.  To the point that there was no ignoring it, and I could not and would not listen to it a minute longer.  Half expecting my care for it to start at a neighborhood chiropractor's office, I lost patience with appointment books.  So I put in an emergency phone call to a friendly massage business just a couple blocks from work.  And thank goodness I did.  I walked through their doors in a half daze not knowing where I could crash and lie down first.  By the grace of great hands I left feeling a complete new person.  In 60-minutes I was healed of all nots, throbbing pressure points, and even my nagging headache.  The difference was so great that I even marked in down in my agenda calendar of when to schedule my next one.  Resolutions helping resolutions; the year is working out well already!

{Image Credit: via What Would Noni Like}

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