Sunday, January 22, 2012


Cabin fever got ya down?  It has me there.  I've found making a few remedies though to help get you through it.
  1. Stirring up your favorite (and easy) comfort dishes.  The ol' egg in a bread slice is good for any meal.  Served perfectly with a side of bacon or tomato soup!
  2. Finding a wishlist item on sale at steep discount.  And purchasing it of course!  I wore this snood all over well as my apartment.
  3. Watching your favorite flicks for the 203rd time.  Because they absolutely never get old!  However, also being highly disturbed and distraught to find your copy of You've Got Mail missing from its case and absolutely nowhere to be found.  (Of course a new copy was immediately ordered from Amazon).
 These may not get you to 100%, but they're mighty fine pick-me-ups.

{Top Image Via A Cup of Jo}

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