Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where Ever the Wind Blows

Every New Years I make up a resolution, with the fairly confident knowledge that I will not follow through with it.  You could say I'm somewhat of a traditionalist.  Or maybe just a follower.  Randomly selecting goals to better make me out as an ambitious modern woman.  The thing is, save for a very few, I know next to no one who has followed through wholeheartedly with their New Year resolution.  It's a shame really.  The concept makes a whole lot of sense, and has the potential to do a great amount of good for one's self and others.

A couple years ago, I resolved to create a resolution every month.  Not all that surprisingly, it was a very half-hearted ambition.  An attempt to be novel.  Two years later though, I do have to give myself some credit.  It may have made the most amount of sense than any other airy obligatory shot in the dark I've made on January 1st.

So this is the year, 2012, I take a stand for the New Year.  I hereby vow to resolve a very basic, or perhaps here and there a not-so-basic, part of my life every month.  Because the reality is, we really don't know what life is going to through our way when.  One never knows when we're going to need our laughter or tears as our best weapon.  Some months I may need a new adventure.  It's possible others I'll need to learn some new tricks.  And I'm sure, just as anything else, I'll need a good cleanse once in awhile.  Mostly though I just know it's good to go into anything with some idea.

"Short term goals equals long term gains."
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  1. So true....I don't really make NY's resolutions....maybe I should...?



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