Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You've Got the Love

Sometimes, when you're walking down the street, the darndest things happen.  Like tonight, on a very ordinary walk back to my aparment from Michigan Avenue, passing the dispersing happy hour crowds, a man with a round face, glasses, and bow tie (no, not Frosty the Snowman) was walking right toward me.  It was instinct to look right at him in the eyes.  No reason, just instinct.  It might have been instinct for him then as well to very frankly state to me "I'd spend the rest of my life with you."  Then once again, right on cue, we both let out a laugh and kept walking.  It was quite clear we were not meant to be.  Nevertheless they were just the right words I needed to hear at that moment.  For now, I'm ready to go head first into my day tomorrow.  Because you never know who you could be a "game changer" for.

{Image Credit: Southern Weddings}

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that!! hahaha....what a great moment!! :))



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