Monday, June 6, 2011

Worth the Wait

When should one follow the hype?  In sports, when an athlete has two solid seasons that include trips to the playoffs and then decides to stay with his former bottom-of-the-barrel team (I'm talking to you, Lebron), then you can hop on the bandwagon.  When it comes to the latest fashion trend, check back in a month at your nearest H&M to ensure it hasn't made it to the clearance rack.  As far as good food is concerned, if it takes you over a month (say, two) to get a reservation, then you can be very sure it's worth the wait.  

Last week I finally get to have a taste of what Girl and the Goat was all about.  From the comforts (the chickpeas fritters are a must) to the intriguing (do try the braised beef tongue), the menu is a true experience for your palate.  Not to mention it boasts a friendly and very knowledgable staff housed in a laid back eclectic atmosphere-something you can't always find when dining fine.  

To conclude, the next time you hear about a great new restaurant in town, listen up.  Then call and put your name in.  When it comes to good food you don't want to be picking up the scraps.

1 comment:

  1. Did you say you ate beef TONGUE?? Your name again??? ;))



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