Monday, June 27, 2011

Dine, Chicago, Dine

Last week yielded that realization of finally making it.  A bona fide Chicago resident.  That moment comes along when you not only dine at three local establishments, but enjoy them all, in just a week's time.  It was truly a great week.  Let me introduce you to those eats that helped me get to this point:

  • Monday Night-Dukes:  It may lure you in from its cozy modern cedar lodge atmosphere, but it's the burgers that will get you to stay.  Mostly because you may literally have to roll yourself out of there otherwise.  Per a recommendation I went with the lightly topped California burger.  One day though, mark my words, I'll be ordering that breakfast burger you see above.
  • Thursday Night-Chens:  It's nearly impossible to find any ambiance in Wrigleyville.  The Cubs do lose there after all.  Right in the midst of the sobbing jersey chasers and  cousins of the fine gentleman who brought us Icing, you can find a classy spot called Chens.  Those who truly enjoy Asian cuisine cannot help but love this place as it's a one-stop shop: sushi, pad-Thai, and Chinese favorites.
  • Saturday Morning-Brunch at Fireside '86:  Unfortunately you cannot stop in here, as Fireside '86 is more commonly known as my friend Peter's residential apartment in Andersonville.  You haven't had a brunch though until you've had a gourmet made-from-scratch spread with some boys celebrating Pridefest.
  • Saturday Night-Taco Joint:  It must be said that thus far the Mexican restaurants in this city have been lackluster.  While this was still no El Rancho, Taco Joint, which recently opened in Lincoln Park, exceeded its gimmicky name by a longshot.  It's biggest perk is it's thrifty four course meal:  Margarita, two tacos, guacamole, and a third taco.  

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  1. They all sound so good...especially Peter's! ;)



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