Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best of Q1

Moving to a big city and taking on a new job have come with lots of perks.  Not the least of which are enjoying more of what I've always loved: music, books, and movies.  Commuting by transit has afforded me more time to dedicate to reading, attention to detail at work virtually insists on headphones in, and a combination of more structured weekends as well as a failure to memorize television channels has made Netflix the default.  Since being able to relish in much more of each (and I rarely find anything of the three I dislike) I thought it more effective to share my top nods from Q1.  That's biz world talk for "first quarter" or "January, February, and March" for my liberal arts friends.

1)  In music...topping a beat-tastic freshman album is tough to do.  Unless you're Adele and bust out anything from soothing jazz to soulful pop.
2)  When reading...I rarely, if ever, cry from a book.  The I met Em and Dex and can never look at...well read One Day for yourself to find out.
3)  Have you seen...what was just posted on Facebook?  Sure you have.  Don't lie, you stalk just as much as the next person.  But could a movie about such a modern craze really be that good?  I didn't think so, until I succumbed to the Awards hype (they always do it) and popped in The Social Network.  Surprised, awed, and loved.  Coulda and shoulda won.  I heart you Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield.

Tough cookies to beat.  As it always goes, the goals are more lofty in Q2, so let's go out and get 'em.

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