Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stick With the Classics

Nerd Tendency #27:  Making a hobby of watching all the movies on the AFI #100 list.

It's true.  I've been following with the series for quite sometime now.  And no, not just the general top 100.  The top #100 romance, drama, and comedies are all goals of mine to get through as well.  I've always enjoyed the classics, but there are so many tremendous films to choose from.  It can be overwhelming to go through willy-nilly and select one at any old time.  So I make sure to watch the best first.  With my latest and greatest investment in a Netflix membership I was able to knock one out on my bus trip to St. Louis this weekend, and also happened across one on television.  Evidently 1982 was a good year at the box office, as both Blade Runner and Tootsie proved to be great films.  Now it's onto the next!

Images:  Claudia Varosio

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  1. And I'm feeling that it might be you, all of my life.....lol
    your're welcome ;))



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