Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feed & Follow

This week I'm asking you to try something very simple.  Just to become a follower of this little blog side project of mine.  How easy is it?  All you have to do is click the "Follow" button on the right hand side of this page and sign in with either your Google/Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, or OpenID account, and make sure you follow it publicly (so I know the correct number).  You won't ever receive an e-mail, survey, or request for money.  Just the simple satisfaction of knowing you helped a pal out.  In return, for every new follower of my blog between now and December 20th, I will donate a can of food or non-perishable item to one of two places in need:  Inspiration Cafe (here in Chicago) or the St. Louis Area Foodbank (located in my hometown).  Please help me out so I can help others during this holiday season.  

As always, be well.

{Image Credit: Delicious Days}

1 comment:

  1. Happy to follow - I always like to support writing.
    How many followers did you have when you initially posted this F&F plan? It's looking like a huge victory for both you and your chosen food bank.



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