Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mea Culpa

A late start to the week, I know.  A teensy little thing called Mizzou Homecoming 2010 happened.  Fortunately my Mantra for Monday rolls in quite nicely as a Try It for Tuesday.  You may have heard of the term forgiveness before.  It's a scary word if you ask me.  At least it sounds that way.  It gives off the impression that you did something wrong.  As a result it doesn't get used very often.  The thing is it needs to be used just about every day.  Maybe even a few times a day.  It's not that we do the wrong things all the time.  It's that we think we do.  In reality though we're all just learning.  The same goes for what we often think are wrongdoings by others.  Yes, they're learning too.  In a world of over 6 billion people, 195 countries, and an undefined amount of languages and cultures there are buckets and buckets of things to learn.  Always placing blame of wrongs thus becomes exhausting.  So everyday find something you didn't find quite all that right to forgive.  Shift your focus to the lesson learned.  And hope to breathe a little easier the next day.

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