Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Match

One thing to know about me and makeup:  I don't know anything.  I own very little of it because I know how to use very little about it.  That being said when I need to restock on a particular makeup item, I enjoy knowing exactly what store to go, what brand to go to, and what shelf to pick from.  Until it's not there.  Just yesterday I was faced with the unfortunate revelation that my foundation color (True Beige) had been discontinued.  As in, no longer selling to consumers.  I can understand discontinuing products, especially in this economy to cut back.  It just doesn't make as much sense to me in this scenario.  Let me put it this way(ahem, L'Oreal): did mine and thousands of others' skin tone all of the sudden go out of existence?  I would assume not.  

Changing foundation colors is embarrassing for any girl.  You have to turn your face into a neutral color palates in the middle of the store, and hope they all blend in and don't get caught in the wrong light when you walk out.  Yes, I could have estranged myself from the L'Oreal True Match line altogether.  However, it would have been an even bigger task to find a new line, and something had to be found then and there.  No way was I wearing bottom of the bottle stuff the next morning, especially when I already had to prepare myself for the thunderstorms and humidity in the forecast.  So for now it looks as if I'm a Buff Beige.  A little less "true", and if its name has anything to suggest, a bit more scary.  You never know though.  With the winter I'm about to face, maybe this is exactly the color I'll need.

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  1. Hmmm, surprised they didn't 'replace' the shade....at least you didn't get the freckles, so smile!



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