Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guess Who?

It was a fairly earth shattering day when I learned that JTT was not actually a movie star.  In the fifth grade we had to read a biography as a book report.  No criteria on the subject, just a book that was over 100 pages without any pictures.  Since my Mom housed quite a few biographies I selected the person I didn't know too much about.  That person was Katharine Hepburn, someone who quickly became my all-time favorite actress, and introduced me to the absolutely wonderful world of classic film and movie stars.  Her film resume is too impressive to name favorites, or even make your way through in one long weekend.  They span all genres, but always capture her gumption and fierce style, which became so important to those wonderful film actresses who followed.

One of her most important films was Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, which would be the last movie she would make with her long time love, Spencer Tracy.  The film, while groundbreaking (especially in 1967), unfortunately still holds lessons many today still have yet to learn.  After watching it this weekend, I couldn't help but shed some tears.  Not only for the profound performances of the actors (which also includes the dashing Sidney Poitier), but for the injustices and prejudices so many face even in our modern society.  It's a movie everyone should watch.  Those with a true appreciation of fashion will find an added bonus watching the four (the movie takes place in a 10-hour span) wardrobe changes Kate Hepburn graces.

So your instructions are as follows:  1.  Rent the movie  2.  Pour yourself a glass of wine (or brandy, if you prefer)  3.  Grab a tissue or two  4.  Realize your vigor

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