Monday, July 12, 2010

World Mourning

It seems there's a day just as horrible as December 26th.  It's the day after the World Cup.  Having only just officially declared myself a soccer fan in the past month, this void is a strange new, and rather sad feeling.  Soccer became a new and welcome roommate for me playing at a near constant for a full month.  It woke up with me at 6:00 A.M., was a fun lunch buddy, and always provided great gossip.  Then suddenly, just when we were having fun, it packed up and left.  It's never been quite my thing to be a fair-weathered friend though.  So soccer and I will be sure to keep in touch through the European Leagues, such as the EPL, and I'm even willing to give the MLS a shot.  Until next month when the sport is back in full force though, I will probably be reveling in some of my favorite moments and finds from the 2010 World Cup and starting my savings account for the 2014 Cup in Brazil (Rio, anyone?).

My Favorite Discoveries of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

5.  The Vuvuzela  
What started out as a sound horrifically reminiscent of the summer of the secadas, eventually came to be known as just "go time."  An instrument treasured by Africans, I can't wait to see what Brazil introduces the world to.

4.  The Swag
Fashion and accessories are not two things I like to be shown up by.  Yet I found myself completely embarrassed with my lack of national colors worn during the matches.  Starting next month when I travel to France, the hunt begins for the best swag around.

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo
Where to begin?  He was a complete joy to watch whenever and where ever the camera found him. Then he dropped a bombshell onto all of his fans that still remains an unsolved mystery.  We want answers, Cristiano.  Answers, and more goals like these:

I did not join Spain's side until the Final, but boy am I glad that I did.  Since there was not a lot of goal scoring, the focus of the final became the goal tending, and the best man won.  Not to mention he has chivalry to boot.

1.  Maradona
What's there to say to say that I haven't already said?  He and his Argentina team made the World Cup a complete joy to watch.

Post Script:  This post is dedicated to Erin Smith, who is the person actually responsible for introducing me to the Beautiful Game.

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