Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Review-4.11.10

It's always important to build your resume.  Your highlights and successes show who you are and what you've become capable of handling.  Possibly the more important resume you have is your life resume.  The one that lays out everything you did outside of a professional or academic environment.  For all the spaces in between your software proficiency and academic recognitions, the life resume can fill in quite nicely.  It spells out your character.  The very ability and essence of a person.  However, it should very much be noted that a person's life resume can only be be enhanced by a solid professional one.

  • A low-key night at Bar Louie with Erin, Lauren, and Anna.  As the weekend progressed I became more thankful for the evening's mellow tone.
  • I'm so proud of and excited for my friend Regina and her organization, Makeover for Life!  The 1st Annual Tea Gala fundraiser was a great success on a lovely afternoon.
  • Very few people or places provide better Saturday evening conversation than the Boyle residence.  
  • It was 10:30 when I left the Boyle's, and I debated whether or not I should continue my evening.  Of course Lauren Riley would convince me into a quick wardrobe change and hitting the road.  
  • Side pony and the same outfit from the previous night (EEK!) and I was out the door.
  • 11:15 [To McCalla and Riley while stuck in traffic on Washington Ave.]:  Hmmm, look at that group.  What are they the Ramones or something?
  • 11:19 [To McCalla and Riley while walking up Washington Ave. to Lucas Park]:  Oooooh, they have accents!
  • 11:38 [Riley to McCalla and I, and random male passerbys]:  They're animals!  (Please note this was in fact in reference to height.  Promise.  Well okay, allegedly.)
  • 12:03 [To Riley and McCalla]:  Oh oh oh there's The Ramones again!  
  • 12:09:  Riley takes fate into her own hands.
  • 12:11 [McCalla to me]:  Those guys just told Riley they were the Arctic Monkeys.  Like, obviously they're not.  We need to go grab her.  
  • Just to be positive they weren't, iPhone Googling ensued.  Forehead scratching remained.
  • 12:16:  McCalla and I head over to the table.
  • 12:33:  We're officially invited as special guests of The Arctic Monkeys at their concert the next night.
  • I never go out on Sunday nights, but...
  • Clearly we were going to need a drink or two before the show.  Since it was Sunday we kept it classy at the Rooftop Terrace Bar at Moonrise Hotel.
  • It should be under "Suzanne Iovaldi +2..."
  • We're in.  We're invited to the after show.
  • Turns out we LOVE their music.
  • The "After Show" included the three of us hanging out with the Monkeys at Rooftop Bar, followed by bowling at Pin-Up Bowl.
  • Opening Day at Busch Stadiums is one of my most energetic days of the year.  Unfortunately 2010 did hold that for me.  Neither did Tuesday April 13th.  I'm hoping Wednesday will bring an end to my aspirin needs.

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