Friday, April 9, 2010

April in Paris-II

Another dollar done well at Redbox.  I loved everything about An Education.  Just absolutely everything.  The setting being in London during the early 1960s, the glamorous clothing, a deceptive romance, and Peter Sarsgaard being a charming Brit and unassuming cheat.  Originally I had rented this movie because it sounded like something I could relate to.  A rebellious young private school girl is looking to break out of her studious ways for a life less ordinary.  It sounded familiar.  As it turns out the main character Jenny and I had very different senior years.  If only I could have dated an English playboy, gone to fancy night clubs, and gotten whisked away to Paris.  Who knows where I could have landed after all that.  Then again, did she get to partake in the art of tailgating at Oxford?  I would think not.  

One of the great scenes in this movie is when David and Jenny jet off to Paris for her Birthday.  A place she always dreamed of going.  Then again, isn't waltzing around in designer apparel, charming vintage photographs at all the sights capped off with a picnic on the Seine River every girl's dream?  Watch below, and tell me it isn't.  Oh and you may as well go ahead and download the soundtrack too, because it's all as wonderful as Juliette Greco's Sur les quais du vieux Paris.

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  1. I've wanted to see it since my friend Kristy 'reviewed' it on I'm DYING to see it! :))



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