Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Review-1.17.10

Being Italian, there are two things that always seem to take priority in my life: family and food. After a weekend chalked full of my two favorite cousins and various menus, it was a wonder I was able to fit into my work pants this morning. Never a dull moment comes to exist in our pursuits and hangs, but many memorable words and phrases do. We are three very different and unique cousies, after all. Yet just like a splash of vodka or dash of oregano can do to a pasta, our antics create the perfect spice to each others' lives.

  • Our traditional January "Cousins Night Out" was reduced to just a visit to Washington Avenue with some of our other favorite friends due to my winter budget crisis.
  • Last weekend, while visiting Chicago, Brooke learned she was into "clubbing." After running into our very cultured friend, Lauren Riley, at Side Bar she and Steph decided to explore the St. Louis version of this modern trend at Lure. Shortly into their visit, they were commanded to throw their hands in the air if they were white...
  • As a former student and member of the Greek community at the University of Missouri, I have seen a lot of fraternity "men" in my time. Never have I seen all members of one dressed alike in sport coats and khakis though. Ironically one member thought it was their North Faces that gave it away.
  • I almost got into three accidents on a two mile drive to get food. After jerking away in the middle of Watson Rd. from El Maguey and Hometown Buffet, we decided to go to Sports Zone for lunch. Let me tell you, it's a very sad day when I have to admit we were the worst dressed there.
  • Evidently The Post in Maplewood has gone from a slow start to packing a full house early on a Saturday night. Claustrophobia is a common trait in our family. So a small and lovely group was formed at J. Buck's in Clayton to watch a fabulous Colts victory.
  • After being approached by three southern fraternity guys, two SLU undergrads, and getting second formed at The Library Annex, it was nice to feel like a college student again. That is until I realized not one of those guys could legally purchase an alcoholic beverage.
  • Honoring Grandma Do the best way possible on Sunday with a beautiful mass followed by the 3F's: food, family, and football.
  • I'm ecstatic that award season is here! My favorite look from the Golden Globes? The edgy sophistication of a true movie star, Julia Roberts.

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