Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wish Hard

The most fun part of the holiday season is that it inspires a lot of wishes. Everyone has wishes; some are big, but many are quite small. My friend Julie Zick had a wish a few years ago that those battling lukemia be given a chance for a cure. In Seattle, Washington, Anna Robinson wished someone could help her fight her battle with that same disease. Both Julie and Anna got their wish. Julie started a bone marrow drive at the University of Missouri, which has become one of the largest in the country. Anna, found a cell match that was willing to donate to her from the same drive Julie started. Both of those are just small wishes. All they require is a helping hand.

Wishes, if you look and listen carefully, are everywhere. It may be that person at work who just caught a cold, or that great idea looking for a little nudge. We all should make wishes whenever we can, because in doing so we feel better and give ourselves hope. Many wishes are, in fact, granted. Of course this can only be done by the actions and words of someone else. So maybe this holiday season we should challenge ourselves to grant as many wishes as we make. After all, it is the only other thing you can do with one.

"Kindness in giving creates love."--Lao Tzu

*Top artwork from Keri Smith

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