Monday, November 9, 2009

When Your Closet Throws You a Shirt...

Lately I've been feeling a little down and out about my wardrobe. Of course all I had to do was wander into the next room to come to realize, what wardrobe? My scarves, purses, and everything in between were in my extra bedroom. My jewelry was in one gigantic plastic and metal knot. The shoes weren't sure if they were pairs or running stag. The cardigans were having an identity crisis as the whether they were coats or not, and vice versa. Basically, my closet had literally taken ill with such severe symptoms as vomiting shirts out. A little organization had to take place. Though that plastic and metal knot did make a nice sculpture piece... It wasn't easy, but with a few small home organization purchases from Bed Bath & Beyond, I was able to put everything in its right place. Some forgotten gems became unearthed, wads ironed out into blouses and dresses, and suddenly frustrations became outfits and staple pieces once again.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Smaller shelves inside the closet. (Don't put them inside your room because it just gives the appearance of more clutter).
2. Stacks: One for hats, one for scarves, one for sweats (their bulkiness makes it harder to fit in places), one for bags, and ones for anything else that will pile
3. Hanger extensions: These are short rods with notches to allow more hangers to fit. They also are great for hanging belts.
4. Sweaters are different from jackets are different from coats are different from cardigans.
5. Shoe organizer: Use it and abuse it.
6. A lot of things in life get complicated. Don't let your chains and bangles add any more. Separate them out.
7. Some things must have a hanger. For everything else there's drawers.

Now you have some spots open for that great new dress with matching shoes you saw this weekend...and possibly that fab hat too.

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