Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Worthy Cause

So much is often made of the bad, negatives, and evils in the world. As a result, we often lose sight of the good and hopeful spots. Recently I ran into an old friend, Annie, who is giving a year of her life to help prevent the spread of HIV & AIDS in Africa by working for Grassroots Soccer, Inc. Part of her work responsibilities is raising $10,000 in aid. One of my favorite quotes that I always try to remember is from fashion designer Donna Karan, who says:
"Peace on Earth begins within. How you love, how you share, how you give yourself makes all the difference in the world. Let your passion guide you and get you in touch with those causes that touch your heart. Be well."

It is my opinion that any time you personally know someone who is giving a significant amount of their time and energy to helping make the world a better place, the cause should be close to your heart. Of course there are many other reasons why causes could or should mean a lot to you as well. Right now people are facing tough times and obstacles, but if you have just even a small amount of time or resources, please check out Annie's blog about her cause: AnnieHinAfrica

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